Where did all these computers come from

I’ve discovered that lately whenever I just kind of want to sit there and sort of zone out for a while, I either take a walk around the block or I start reorganizing some little part of my room.  Today was a day of the latter.  I’m not sure exactly what it was that I did, but now my desk arrangement is somehow more organized despite the fact that I actually added stuff to it.  It’s just that instead of a ton of papers and figurines all piled up everywhere, now I have keyboards and mice and Things With Dials on Them.  It all looks very slick, and I can now welcome my Commodore 128 to the world of computers that I have in front of me instead of in a closet somewhere.

And what do I do with my newfound creative space?  I draw sock puppets on napkins.

Truly, I am a man of ambition.