I talk with boxes

The internet was kind of fun tonight.  Thanks to the directions of the venerable this guy I have cobbled together a sort of ghetto talkbox for myself to play with.  It’s kind of quiet right now but it is definitely a talkbox sound, and I think if I just drive the speakers harder or build an amplifier or something then I will have it working.  I’m using a headphone driver right now so it isn’t really designed for wattage.

After all of this, I find out that Novus, who I’ve been listening to for some years now, has been playing In the Groove, and noticed my name in the credits.  It was neat to be recognized by somebody I respect, and also neat to discover that I’m apparently in the credits for both games.  Sweet.  StepMania still hasn’t figured out how little I did to help their project.  Ahahaha.  Little victories.

Tomorrow I think I will play with OpenGL some more.  I’m enjoying this whole ‘technical things that I don’t get graded on’ concept and it still feels like a novelty.