Yeah basically everything is better than it was before

My blog is now a much more satisfying WordPress-default-blue-and-white.  That was some mean pink action going on there and I’ve no idea how I survived it.  Astounding.

I made the discovery today that my awesome electro-drumset can change the sound of the metronome that it uses.  This is fantastic because previously I had been using the default, which is an obnoxious voice with a relatively slow attack that counts “1, 2, 3, 4” and is actually pretty hard to play against.  But lo and behold, there exists a hidden menu where I can change it to all sorts of different sounds.  It’s like night and day now.  I’ve been playing with this set since 2005 and wishing it had this feature the whole time.  Know how I found it?  by READING THE FREAKIN’ MANUAL.  God I’m retarded.

This is equally silly considering that I have read the manual for my new B-Control, cover to cover, at least 5 times.  Granted the latter isn’t that long, but even still.  I also found out yesterday that Rebirth, the old Roland synthesizer synthesizer, is controllable by MIDI control signals.  It’s like a brand new program to me now, one that isn’t programmed so much as it is played.

The journey to the ever elusive “song I’m willing to put up on Traxinspace” continues.  It doesn’t help that some of my favorite musicians post there and it’s really kind of humbling when I’m blasting the competition in my room as loud as I can stand it as I write this (at the moment, TwiTerror’s vocoder/synthpop playlist).  It’s a good problem to have; I’ve found so much good music there.