I have a lab now

Three days before my site turns back to a color that isn’t emasculating.

I have managed to sign on at the local community college running their digital music lab. You could say I am rather excited. While I’m really just a lab monkey, there is a certain sense of pride and ownership that goes into it. There are really only a few people who administer the lab. I’m number 3 if I count correctly. One is the professor immediately in charge, and the other is his boss who is really pretty hands off.  I have a fair degree of control and I think it will be a good chance to help a lot of people learn to do digital audio.

I’m no real musician, but I’ve aspired to be one for a long time. Some of you Traxinspace people have a pretty good idea how long.  I’m getting closer. I certainly never thought I’d have “music” in my job title though, even if it is just a temp job while I look for some real career work. I confess a kind of satisfaction.

So if any of you Folsom Lake College kids are looking to play with some music hardware, stop on in and I’ll show you the ropes.