Music over, time for nerdy stuff

Well, my music got submitted a couple of weeks ago and Josh’s charity project from my last post should be heading out soon.  I think I did about as well as I could hope to, but the mix (and performance) was still kind of rough.  This is the first time I’ve ever been on a compilation and is only the second time I’ve put something on the internet and called it done, so hopefully it will show well.  I’m very eager to hear the other musicians’ work.  I’m sure it’ll blow me away but at least I get to see my name up there with theirs.  Little victories.

I’ve taken some time off from more dedicated musical pursuit to do other fun things.  I’ve finished Shadow of the Colossus, and gotten myself a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio to play with.  The former is as nice as you’ve probably heard, and the latter would be if my video card didn’t decide to upchuck all over the screen now and again.  Baby steps.  At least the sound works this time around without me sacrificing a goat.