I got the blues because I don’t got the blues

So much music talk on my blog lately.  I guess it’s like something I do now.

One of my final assignments in my songwriting class at Folsom Lake is to compose a blues song.  This is not a task to which I am suited.  My musical background generally fits into electronic 4/4 boom-tish music, or loud guitar wrangling.  I must say I have no idea how to even approach writing the blues.  I mean, I know the whole 12-bar structure, I have a fair idea what a turnaround is, and I’m sure I can make up some words about hardships or trains or drinking or it being really hot outside or something, but anything I make is going to be either a complete knock-off of another song, or so far removed from blues ethos that it barely qualifies as a member of the genre.

On the other hand, maybe that second one is not so bad.  Though I should probably not use ReBirth on this one.