Inspiration Live

In a week or so is the online distributed pseudo-live music mini-festival Inspiration Live hosted by Louigi Verona, an ambient/drumscape composer in Russia.  The idea is to take a bunch of electronic musicians used to making noise on their computers, and get them to play one or more parts to their songs on their own and record the output, a sort-of-live performance that bypasses the usual channels of production and assembly, and results in a more human, unprocessed sound.  On April the 2nd all songs submitted will be collected and released simultaneously, like a film festival, as well as broadcast over the internet-based KFOS Inner Space Radio run by DJ Allen One.  It’s a small thing being done by just a few artists, but it’s the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to take part in, so I submitted a performance my brother and I did of one of my new songs.  It’s VERY rough but it’s the first time we’ve attempted to do it so we figure it comes with the territory.  There’s a thread about it over on Trax In Space right now.  I won’t link the song but you can find it on that site if you’re determined.  Fair warning: I’m no vocalist but we didn’t have anybody else, so if you don’t like my singing you are free to screw off.