I updated wordpress lmao

It’s been… some years since I clicked Publish on anything here, I have a few drafts sitting around ruminating on why this is but tl;dr I haven’t felt compelled to, so I didn’t. Everything I write these days is more contextually localized than “post on a blog” so it’s posted elsewhere if it’s posted at all. Not sure if this is really ideal (I’m sure I could ruminate on this too for several posts), but that’s how it’s been.

Anyway this has been so far removed from my day-to-day that the site itself has actually been broken for years. I had WordPress set to update automatically which worked fine, but it seems an old theme I was using was actually old enough that it no longer made sense with the current framework and it was throwing errors. The fix was, indeed, to SSH in and wp theme activate twentytwenty and that was it. I was pleased to discover that this was possible, as the last time I really poked around WordPress I don’t remember any command line tools. So, good on WordPress for that!

Ironically if I were to actually maintain this site I think I’d prefer a static site generator nowadays, mainly for the simplicity of it. I bet almost everything I’ve ever written here would fit cleanly into markdown files with the odd image embed.

I miss writing with near-zero expectations and posting it for nobody to read though, so I’ll click Publish on this one. Maybe I’ll do it more again someday? I miss tiny-scale creative stuff.